Energon supports transition to real time metering networks, data analysis and business process integration


As a Smart Grid based system, NITES Energon enabling full control of energy flows from production to the end users, managing metering network and readings from all measurement points.

NITES Energon is designed to turn the big data collected from the smart meters and network into the useful, readable, editable, predictable and actionable information that drive the business decision and new business models in real-time for rapid reaction on market changes thus faster return on investment with higher margins.

Technical Benefits

  • Reduction of technical and non-technical losses
  • Accurate calculation of losses and imbalances
  • Ability to predict network behavior in future periods
  • Centralized consumption management
  • Minimization of errors in the reading process
  • Integration with current and future automated metering systems
  • Detection of the disappearance of significant events; power failure and return, measurement interference warning
  • Automatic alarm, reporting and data processing
  • Better planning of shutdowns and planned works
  • Availability of consumption profiles and network load
  • Flexibility towards the market

Commercial Benefits

  • Recognition of non-technical losses - unauthorized and unregistered electricity consumption
  • Better billing due to better data quality
  • Reducing labor costs (OPEX)
  • Increasing the operational efficiency of the DSO
  • Better conditions towards the market and partners due to better data quality
  • Correct approach when complaining to customers
  • Pre-paid rates
  • Improving energy efficiency with analysis of produced, purchased and consumed power
  • Better control and optimization of distribution system operations